UNICOM is an open platform with a wide range of prepaid products to sell in different markets in the USA, Canada, Latam and the whole Caribbean. Among them you can market and sell: Pinless ILD Brands, Digicel Topup, International Topups, USA Domestic Topups and Data Bundles.

Your Benefits

We enable YOU! to perform real time transactions through our web based portal and Sell By Mobile options such as our Mobile Site or Mobile App. With our latest technology and products, your customers can stay connected faster and smarter with their loved ones back home. Create loyalty by helping your friends and family send minutes, data plans, e-gifts or recharge minutes to perform long distance calls. UNICOM offers you:


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How it works?

Web Based Portal

UNICOM online web based portal enable agents to perform real time transactions using their PCs and mobile phones. It features all clean and custom functionality from user management, multi product resell and practice reporting. Empower your business with a well trusted multibrand platform at your fingerprints.

Mobile App

With the increasing demand of SmartPhones UNICOM has developed a reseller Mobile App available at the Playstore. Agents can tap and sell in real time by Downloading the app and start selling Prepaid Airtime at a faster pace!

API Connection

For developers and corporate clients, API connection method is the best solution to perform real time transactions. Contact for Business Development to learn more

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